Monday, 26 April 2021

Sexy Body Shapers - An Introduction to Sassybax Shapewear

Sassybax Shapewear Company is dedicated to devising for solutions for women. Each piece from their collection is designed to provide a fit that is akin to a second skin. However, their primary goal is to produce garments that are sexy and seductive for the romantic moments in a woman's life. The incorporation of feminine detailing, like Austrian lace, is added to each piece for a saucy effect. 

Each item is constructed from luxurious fabric blends; however, it still retains the shaping capabilities of traditional shapewear items. Although it resembles lingerie, it is still considered to be shapewear. Sassybax guarantees that its products will eliminate unsightly panty lines, bra bulge, while slimming and contouring the shape of a woman's silhouette.

These shapewear garments incorporate revolutionary designs that create a slimming silhouette underneath even the clingiest fabrics. Each piece is constructed from the company's custom created from a bland of microfiber nylon and spandex. Each shaping top's cups are fashioned from a unique knit that offers support without the addition of wiring or boning. 

A woman who is unfamiliar with these body shapers might notice that each top does not have an opening or enclosure in the back. This is because each top is designed to be stepped into. The primary advantage to this design is that a woman does not have to worry about spoiling her hair or makeup. This company considers itself superior to competitor products on the market because it offers it support without the need to wear a bra and a camisole. Its shaping panels on the front, back, and sides are adept at shaping each aspect of a woman's midsection.

Their camisoles, bras, and other tops are not sized like traditional garments. The company's website offers a unique sizing chart on each product's page. 

The correct sizing for each individual is determined by their cup and top size. Each top is designed to stretch to accommodate two to three different cup sizes within each size. However, if a woman is over a size DD, then the company recommends that she employ the use of one of their tops that features underwire. 

This brand of shapewear is ideal for a variety of women. They are recommended by medical professionals for women who are nursing or pregnant, because each cup stretches to accommodate an individual's needs. Each top can be worn comfortably with prosthesis, and some plastic surgeons recommend the use of these products for those who have recently had breast augmentations. This shapewear for women with real bodies.

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